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18 Feb 2008

Why this is not a blog, and black

This site was originally conceived to be a sort of diary for my stay in the United States. Most people would just start a weblog - these seem to make up half the web nowadays. This site isn’t one, for some very specific reasons.

A lot of good content is found on blogs. However, most of the worthwhile content on blogs is in the form of articles. Blogs make fine diaries; however, using date of publication as the primary ordering for articles makes little sense.

Additionally, most blogs are ugly, or at least very, very dull. Far too many people install Wordpress or Movable Type and just stick with one of the handful of standard layouts. Of course, I do admit that creating a good, original design takes time that could be spent writing. But I’d still like to see a little creativity now and then.

When I sat down to create this site, I expected to write both diary-like observations and articles, for my friends back home or for a technical audience. Hence, navigation is not primarily based on publication date, but first on tag and only then on publication date - and there are some exceptions. Combined with some internal links, this is intended to make it easy to find (only) related articles, and invite casual browsing.

As for the design - I was annoyed at the multitude of stock black-on-white layouts. In a moment of silliness, the desire to not be a blog turned into the desire to be not a blog. While staring at my spartan grey-and-black dwm desktop, inspiration hit. And thus, the color scheme - or lack thereof - was born.

Listening too much to designers resulted in indented, justified paragraphs. Paying either too much or too little attention to typographers resulted in using Palatino for the main text, and Jos Buivenga’s Tallys for the headers.